Severe Weather Text Information

The Ohio State University Emergency Management has developed a system that allows students, faculty and staff to receive a text message on their cell phones when the National Weather Service issues one of the following warnings for the OSU campus:

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING - A severe thunderstorm is indicated by Doppler radar or sighted by skyward spotters. A severe thunderstorm contains large damaging hail, 3/4 inch diameter or larger, and/or damaging winds of around 60 mph or greater.

More information on thunderstorms can be found here: Thunderstorm Information

Tornado WARNING - Strong rotation in a thunderstorm is indicated by Doppler radar or a tornado is sighted by skyward spotters.

More information on tornadoes can be found here: Tornado Information

If the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Warning, OSU Emergency Management will immediately send a text message to all registered cell phones with information on the storm.

**It is important to note that we will only send a text message if the National Weather Service has determined that our campus is in the immediate warning area**

It is possible that a warning may be issued for another part of the county. If the National Weather Service does not include the OSU campus in the warning area, you may still hear the severe weather sirens but NOT receive a text message.

If you reside off campus, this service will NOT warn you of severe weather at your home. This is only for the Ohio State campus.

Upon receiving notification of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning for the campus, all students, faculty and staff should take the appropriate action by seeking cover on the lowest level of a sturdy building and away from windows and doors.

This service is available for all Ohio State campuses. However, at this time, you are only able to receive severe weather text messages for only one campus. As technology improves, we will attempt to provide a service that will allow you to sign up for multiple campuses.

Students, faculty and staff can log in here to register to receive these text messages. REGISTER